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Congratulations to AAUS prize winners for 2015-2016!

Dear Colleagues,

On May 6, 2017, the AAUS held its customary semi-annual business meeting at the ASN convention at Columbia University in New York. At the meeting, the new group of AAUS prize winners was announced.

Best Article Prize: Christine Worobec, "The Long Road to Kiev: Nineteenth-Century Orthodox Pilgrimages," Modern Greek Studies Yearbook, vol. 30/31, 2014-2015, http://mgs.umn.edu/assets/pdf/Vol.%2030-31,%202014-15.pdf.pdf

Best Book-Length Translation Prize: Reilly Costigan and Isaac Wheeler, for their translation of Serhiy Zhadan's Voroshylovhrad (Deep Vellum Press, 2016), https://deepvellum.org/product/voroshilovgrad/

The prize committee for Best Book in the fields of Ukrainian history, politics, language, literature, and culture chose to recognize 3 books (2 co-winners and 1 honorable mention):

George Liber's Total Wars and the Making of Modern Ukraine, 1914-1954 (U. of Toronto Press, 2016), http://www.utppublishing.com/Total-Wars-and-the-Making-of-Modern-Ukraine-1914-1954.html, has been chosen as the winning book in history and politics.

Andriy Danylenko's From the Bible to Shakespeare: Pantelejmon Kuliš (1819-1897) and the Formation of Literary Ukrainian (Academic Studies Press, 2016), http://www.academicstudiespress.com/browse-catalog/from-the-bible-to-shakespeare, has been chosen as the winning book in language, literature, and culture.

Maxim Tarnawsky's The All-Encompassing Eye of Ukraine: Ivan Nechui-Levytskyi's Realist Prose (U. of Toronto Press, 2016), http://www.utppublishing.com/The-All-Encompassing-Eye-of-Ukraine-Ivan-Nechui-Levyts-kyi-s-Realist-Prose.html, has been chosen as an honorable mention for the book prize.

Our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners!

On behalf of the AAUS Board,

Vitaly Chernetsky

AAUS President