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By-Laws of the AAUS

(As Amended by membership December 8, 2018)
AAUS Annual National Meeting, Boston, MA

I. General Purpose and Principles.

A. The American Association for Ukrainian Studies (AAUS) is an organization based in the United States of America and devoted to the advancement of Ukrainian Studies. It is guided by a humanistic and democratic respect for differing opinions and methodologies in the search for scholarly verity.

B. The AAUS is a constituent member of the International Association for Ukrainian Studies (IAUS) and subscribes to its statutes and by-laws where they do not conflict with the by-laws of the AAUS. In those cases in which a conflict between the by-laws of the AAUS and IAUS arise, the by-laws of the AAUS shall have the greater precedent for the members of the AAUS.

C. The purpose of the AAUS is to advance Ukrainian studies in the United States of America primarily and outside the United States of America secondarily. This goal is achieved through research, academic instruction, scholarly exchanges and conferences, publications, public outreach and other special projects. The AAUS supports intellectual endeavors in individual disciplines and in interdisciplinary and comparative contexts.

  1. Scholarly activities: The AAUS seeks to foster scholarship in the various fields of Ukrainian studies through informational outreach, including bibliographies, guides, newsletters, press releases, etc. and through supporting scholarly convocations, such as talks, conference panels, and electronic discussion. It may, at the discretion of the Executive Board and with the approval of a simple majority of the membership, subvene the work of its membership.

a. Research grants made to the membership shall in no single year (defined as the period between national conferences) exceed ten percent (10%) of the total funds available to the AAUS at the beginning of that year. Applications for grant support must be made to a member of the Executive Committee no later than four (4) months preceding the national meeting and discussed by the Executive Committee no later than three (3) months preceding the national meeting. The Executive Committee shall at that time prioritize requests and prepare a proposal to be presented to the membership at the national meeting. Those members present at the national meeting will vote by secret ballot to approve or disapprove the recommendations of the Executive Committee as a whole. The result of the vote will be publicized in the AAUS Newsletter that subsequently follows the national meeting.

2. Academic Instruction: The AAUS seeks to further academic instruction in American universities and colleges by supporting the development of teaching and research positions, curricula and curricular resources (textbooks, sourcebooks, course bibliographies, syllabi, translations, etc.). It will further this goal by creating an information clearinghouse through electronic means (the World Wide Web) whereby members and the public can store and retrieve materials pertinent to the teaching and propagation of Ukrainian studies. Financial support for the development of curricular resources as defined above will be made available within the same formula as research grants, as described by Clause I.C.1.a herein. The total funds available for curricular support will be no more than ten percent (10%) of the total resources available to the AAUS at the beginning of the year, so that no more than twenty percent (20%) of total resources will be used for individual or organizational research and curricular development in any given year.

II. Organizational Work

A. The AAUS undertakes measures to further the purpose of the AAUS as defined above. The AAUS coordinates the participation of American Ukrainianists in its annual meeting, which is to be held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS). It sponsors panels at this and other meetings as determined by the membership and Executive Board. It sponsors individual events outside the national meeting at the request of the membership and discretion of the Executive Board.

  1. In all organizational activity, the Executive Board acts at the request of the membership and under its own initiative within the limits of the by-laws in a manner that is consistent with the purpose and principles of the AAUS and with prudence concerning the resources of the AAUS.

B. The AAUS coordinates the participation of American Ukrainianists in the Congress of the IAUS and participates in preparing programs for these congresses.

C. Through the IAUS, the AAUS seeks to develop programs and projects with other national/regional associations of Ukrainian studies.

III. Organization Basis

A. The AAUS is comprised of individual and institutional members, both of which have the same rights, privileges, and vote, except as provided elsewhere in the by-laws.

B. Active membership in the AAUS is open to scholars engaged in Ukrainian studies and to other individuals and institutions that support the basic purpose of the AAUS . All rights entailed by "active membership" shall be enjoyed only by those members that have paid all such dues required by the by-laws in a given calendar year.

  1. C. Honorary membership may be proposed by the Executive Board and approved by a vote of acclamation at the general meeting. AAUS Honorands shall not be required to pay dues to enjoy the rights of membership.
  2. Upon application, invited participants to the Founding Meeting of the AAUS will become active members of the AAUS, continued active membership being described by Clause III.B above.
  3. Upon application, new membership is accepted by the Executive Board of the AAUS. Membership shall not be denied anyone wishing to join the AAUS who subscribes to the purpose and principles of the organization.
  4. The Executive Board may, upon approval of a two-thirds majority of the membership by secret ballot, remove from the membership of the AAUS any person or organization that is shown to have harmed the AAUS; its purpose and principles; through that person or organization's actions or inaction. Members so removed may be reinstated only upon application to the Executive Committee and approval by secret ballot of two-thirds of the membership.

IV. Officers

A. All business and property of the AAUS shall be administered by the Executive Board, comprised of officers of the AAUS as stipulated in Clause IV.B below.

B. Officers of the AAUS comprising the Executive Board are as follows:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Five (5) Members of the Board at Large
  1. If no member of the Executive Board is a representative of the administrative organization in which the office of the Association is housed, then the Executive Board has the authority to select as a third Member of the Board at Large, ex-officio, a representative of said administrative organization.
  2. If an officer should vacate her or his position before the expiration of its term, that position shall be temporarily filled by the Executive Board and will be permanently filled at the next annual meeting of the full membership. Once the membership has voted to permanently fill the position, the term of office will be the same as stipulated by Clause III.C herein.

C. Officers are elected for three-year terms at the national meeting of the AAUS. A quorum of twenty-five percent (25%) of the membership will be required and proxy votes in writing will be allowed. The terms of the two Members of the Board-at-Large shall be staggered. All but institutional members are eligible to run for office.

D. At meetings of the Executive Board a simple majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. The Executive Board is required by the by-laws to meet at least twice yearly outside the national meeting, no later than March 1 for the first meeting and no-later than three months prior to the national meeting to fulfill its obligations as herein described. A "meeting" of the Executive Board shall be understood to comprise either a physical meeting of a quorum of the Board or else a real-time teleconference in which all members of the Board are present. The Executive Board may meet at any other time as necessary and at its convenience.

E. The President shall exercise general leadership and supervision of the affairs of the AAUS and shall preside at its meetings.

  1. The Vice-President shall act for the President in her or his absence.
  2. The Secretary-Treasurer shall:

a. issue notices, keep minutes, and

b. keep records of the membership of the AAUS, and

c. receive and disburse moneys under the direction of the Executive Board, and keep records of receipts and disbursements. All the records in the Secretary-Treasurer's custody shall be open to inspection by the members of the Executive Board and the Auditing Committee as described in Clause IV.G herein.

F. There shall be a Nominating Committee, proposed and elected from the floor of the national meeting, consisting of a Chairperson and two members. The term of office of the Nominating Committee will be three years. It is charged with presenting nominations for all positions to be filled under the terms of the by-laws, except as described by Clause III.B.2 herein. The Nominating Committee will consult in person, by phone, skype, or email to select appropriate candidates no later than two months prior to the national meeting. It will publicize the date of this meeting in a Newsletter prior to the meeting so that the membership may submit recommendations for nominations to the Committee before its deliberations. The Committee will forward its decisions to the Executive Committee at that time. The Nominating Committee will prepare ballot sheets for the national meeting and forward them to Executive Committee no later that three weeks prior to the national meeting.

G. There shall be an Auditing Committee, proposed by the Nominating Committee and elected by the membership at the national meeting for a three-year term, consisting of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, and a Secretary.

H. The Executive Board will choose one or more AAUS members as representatives to the International Committee of the IAUS as stipulated by the by-laws of the IAUS.

I. The Executive Board and designated representatives to the International Committee of the IAUS will select papers and panels for AAUS participation in the Congresses of the IAUS.

J. A Program Committee, consisting of a Chairperson and two members, will be elected by the membership for a two-year term for the purpose of organizing a non-refereed panel at the AAASS annual convention and any other conventions at which the AAUS might have such a panel. The Committee is charged to fulfill all necessary conditions set by the AAASS and other organizations for said panel and shall report its decisions to the Executive Board at least two (2) weeks prior to submission to the AAASS or other organization. The Committee shall seek opportunities other than AAASS at which AAUS members might participate in appropriate panels.

K. The AAUS will keep and maintain three Prizes for published works in Ukrainian studies: The Book Prize for the best scholarly monograph-length work, the Article Prize for the best article-length work, and the Translation Prize for the best translation into English of a work in Ukrainian studies from another language. Honorands need not be members of the AAUS. The AAUS may at its discretion name these prizes for individuals or organizations only upon a three-quarters majority vote of the membership.

  1. A committee shall be elected from the floor of the annual meeting for each prize and serve for a term of one year. The committee will consist of a chairperson and two other members. Each committee is charged with announcing the prizes in all possible venues and accepting submissions up to a period no later than two months prior to the annual meeting. Submissions may be sent to either the committee chair or other members and must be made in three copies. Decisions of the committees as to the prize honorands shall be forwarded to the Executive Committee no later than one month prior to the annual meeting and shall be considered final. It is the responsibility of the individual committees to inform the honorands of their decision in a timely manner so that the honorands can, if they so desire, be present at the national meeting to accept their award. The individual committees shall also inform relevant publishers and/or journals. The results of each year's prizes will be announced in the AAUS Newsletter that immediately follows the annual meeting and the newsletter of the AAASS as well as other venues that the committees feel appropriate (such as the Ukrainian Weekly).
  2. The prizes shall consist of a certificate and letter from the respective prize committee. A cash prize will also be awarded in the following amounts: $150 for the Book Prize, $75 for the Article Prize, and $75 for the Translation Prize.
  3. Prizes will be awarded for published works that appear during the calendar years current to and immediately preceding the year in which the award is made. For example, an award made in 1997 may be made to a work published in 1996 or 1997.
  4. "Published works" shall be understood to mean works that appear in paper or electronic form and are copyrighted. Works that are substantially unaltered reprints or re-editions of previous work shall not be considered.

L. An Editor for a Newsletter will be appointed by the Executive Board from among the membership and will be charged with producing a newsletter for the use of the membership two times yearly: no later than April 15, and no later than October 15.

  1. The expenses for this newsletter will be paid out of the general funds.
  2. All relevant communication between the membership and the Executive Committee, other AAUS committees, and/or corresponding organizations shall be recorded in the newsletters. The minutes of the annual meeting shall be reprinted in the January 15 newsletter. All relevant information that the membership should know before the annual meeting, including the recommendations of the Nominating Committee and agenda for the meeting, shall be printed in the October 1 newsletter. Funds for the Newsletter may not exceed ten percent (10%) of the annual revenue of the AAUS, except by vote of three-quarters of the Executive Committee.

M. An Outreach Officer shall be elected from floor and shall be responsible for increasing the public outreach potential of the AAUS. She or he will also be responsible for maintaining an electronic presence for the AAUS, including the informational clearinghouse described in Clause I.C.2 above. The Outreach officer will be provided with funds necessary for this work, but which may not exceed 5% of the annual revenue of the AAUS.

V. Meetings

A. At least one general meeting of the AAUS shall be held every calendar year. It will be held during the annual meeting of the AAASS. Members will receive reports, elect officers, and transact other business of the AAUS.

B. A special meeting of the AAUS shall be called by the Secretary-Treasurer upon order of the President or upon written request of twenty percent (20%) of the members.

  1. Informational or fact-finding meetings may be called by the President or her/his designated representative(s). No official business may be transacted at such meetings.

C. No official business may be transacted at any meeting of the AAUS or its Executive Committee until all business listed in preliminary notices for that meeting has been completed.

D. At the meetings of the AAUS twenty-five percent (25%) of the membership, including duly received proxy votes, shall constitute a quorum.

VI. Finances

A. The Budget of the AAUS consists of members' dues, donations, and bequests.

B. Annual membership dues will be fifty dollars U.S. ($50) for individual membership, seventy-five dollars ($75) for joint memberships, one hundred dollars ($100) for institutional members, and twenty-five dollars ($25) for students, retired members, and members based in Ukraine. Life membership will be one thousand dollars ($1000).

C. The AAUS will annually contribute a sum determined by the Executive Board for the operating costs of the IAUS, particularly publications and congresses. This sum will not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the total income and available resources of the AAUS in the calendar year in which the subvention to IUAS is made.

D. AAUS members will seek funds from their home institutions for pursuing and developing the basic functions of the AAUS. The vice-president of the AAUS, in consultation with the President, shall be responsible for seeking grant funding and individual benefaction for the functioning of the AAUS.

E. All paid members will receive the journal Harvard Ukrainian Studies. A portion of the membership dues, to be no more than forty percent (40%) of dues in any given calendar year, shall be used toward that subscription. In the event that the management of the journal shall not agree to this price structuring, the President is instructed to inform the membership within sixty (60) days with recommendations for a suitable alternative.

F. Any resources remaining after the payment of expenses as stipulated elsewhere by the by-laws shall be used by the President and other members of the Executive Committee for the good conduct of business of the AAUS. No member of the Executive Committee, except the President, may incur an expense on behalf of the AAUS over the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) in any given year without the agreement of the President and two other members of the Executive Committee. The President shall be allowed discretionary spending of $250.00 in any calendar year. Presidential expenditures over that amount must be approved by consensus of the Vice-President and two other members of the Executive Committee. No discretionary spending of the Executive Committee (including the President) shall exceed five hundred dollars ($500) in any given year without the approval of a simple majority of the membership. Discretionary spending shall be understood to mean payment of expenses not explicitly addressed in clauses of the by-laws other than the present clause.

VII. Governance

A. The clauses contained herein are individually severable and the disallowance or amendment of one shall not negate any other.

B. These by-laws shall be governed by the laws of the state in which the financial accounts of the AAUS are maintained. The President and Secretary-Treasurer will ensure that the AAUS maintains the status of a non-profit academic organization and will be responsible for promptly supplying all necessary records to local, state, or federal authorities if so requested.

C. The conduct of the annual meeting of the AAUS shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order (revised), in the latest edition.