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AAUS Prizes for 2016-2017

Dear Colleagues,

At the AAUS business meeting that took place at the ASN convention in New York City earlier this month, the winners of the AAUS Book and Article Prizes were announced.

For this round of prizes, monographs, articles, and book-length translations published in 2016 and 2017 were eligible.

The Book Prize Committee, consisting of Andriy Danylenko, George Liber, and Maxim Tarnawsky, named Lynne Viola the winner for her book Stalinist Perpetrators on Trial: Scenes from the Great Terror in Soviet Ukraine (Oxford University Press, 2017).

The committee noted:

Lynne Viola's  Stalinist Perpetrators on Trial: Scenes from the Great Terror in
Soviet Ukraine is an exceptionally well-researched and well-written monograph
on a very disturbing and unappealing topic in Ukrainian studies--the Stalinist
repressions in 1937 and 1938 against the KGB perpetrators of the previous round
of repressions against the Ukrainian population. It is the product of very good
and detailed new research. It presents a complex problem without simplifying it.
It builds on her previous books, all deeply researched in the archives in Kyiv
and libraries of Moscow. She does not seek to justify the crimes of the
perpetrators, but to seek their motivations and investigate their crimes in
Ukraine. She writes (on p. 175): "The materials under investigation also
demonstrate some of the Ukrainian specificities of the terror. Ukraine's status
as borderland with a diverse ethnic population and the heritage--real and
imagined--of Ukrainian nationalism, made it an especially dangerous zone of
terror." She places the terror of the 1930s within an all-Soviet context while
firmly anchoring it in Ukrainian specifics. Viola richly deserves the
distinction of the best book in Ukrainian studies in 2017.

The Article Prize Committee, consisting of Yuliya Ladygina, Olena Nikolayenko, and Christine Worobec, named Heather Coleman the winner for her article "History, Faith, and Regional Identity in Nineteenth-Century Kyiv" (Harvard Ukrainian Studies, vol. 34).

The Translation Prize Committee did not name a winner and has extended the call for submissions. Please contact the committee members, Reilly Costigan-Humes [reilly.costigan.humes@gmail.com], Oksana Lutsyshyna [lutsyshyna@austin.utexas.edu], and Isaac Wheeler [isaacswheeler@gmail.com​] with any inquiries.

Congratulations to the winners!